I got kicked out of Facebook for no reason whatsoever

I've never been an avid user of social media, in fact, I created my Facebook account in 2013 for the only purpose of having pages for some projects that I was developing at the time, HBX Binaural Player and SINE Isochronic Entrainer. Since then, I started using Facebook occasionally, then more often, mostly to look at meme pages and occasionally to post some pictures, like when I graduated. Let's say I had an average of 1-2 posts per month. I also made a couple friends through it.

I tried quitting Facebook several times because I know how bad it is for privacy, but I didn't want to lose my only social media account (apparently, companies look at them before interviewing you), so I put up with it, being extra careful about giving them as little data as possible: from my PC, I always accessed Facebook through a browser configured to delete all data when closed, and with all sorts of anti-fingerprinting and ad-blocking measures; on my phone, I used the excellent Frost for Facebook unofficial client; when using Facebook, I tried to never side myself ideologically. In the end, this must have generated a lot of noise in their data: looking at my export data, they thought I was left-wing, right-wing, liberal, conservative and gay, and they thought I was accessing Facebook from a bunch of different computers all over northern Italy. Very accurate.

About a month and a half ago, Facebook started claiming that I was a victim of phishing and forced me to change my password 1-2 times a week (I was not, I am super careful about what I do). A few days ago, Facebook locked my account and started asking for my government-issued ID! I'm 100% serious, they expected me to just send them my ID, driver's license, passport, etc. to get back my account, like it was nothing.

I decided to delete my account (if I can't access it, I don't want it to stay there forever), so I tried contacting them in every way I could find, and I even sent a GDPR deletion request, but after 4 days, no one replied to my emails, so I went back to the page asking for my ID and I sent them a picture of my degree (which anyone could have downloaded from my Facebook profile) and a picture of one of my credit cards with the sensitive data censored with the GIMP pepper brush, and for some insane reason, this was accepted as a valid ID.

Today, the account was locked again, this time permanently, for "suspicious activities", and I lost my stupid pages for HBX and SINE. I got zucced for no reason whatsoever, with no way to appeal. If that was someone else, this would have destroyed their social life.

While I don't really give a shit about my Facebook account, what really bothers me is the fact that they have the guts to ask people for their government-issued ID. Remember, only the police can ask for your ID, and Facebook is nothing but a private botnet ran by a reptilian, they DO NOT have the right to ask for your ID. Don't give them anything!

Bonus: GIMP Pepper Credit Card

Someone at Facebook saw this and said "Yea, this is a valid ID".

Green Is My Pepper

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