LibreSpeed @ Workshop GARR 2019


I've been invited by a member of Consortium GARR to talk about my LibreSpeed project (formerly HTML5 Speedtest) at this year's annual GARR Workshop.

My presentation took place at Università Roma Tre, in Rome, on October 10, 2019 at 11am.

The presentation is in Italian.

Download slides

After my presentation, I met several people who were already using LibreSpeed and wanted to thank me for my work, and I even got some job offers. There's a good chance that LibreSpeed might become the de-facto standard for speedtesting in Italy, and possibly the EU. Really looking forward to this :)

Overall, Consortium GARR left me with a really good impression, all the people I met said good things about it, and they consider themselves a big family. Even though networks aren't my area of expertise, I'm seriously considering working for them when I complete my studies.

After the event, I had a chance to quickly visit Rome with a friend who lived there, it's quite the place. I was also impressed by the amount of tourists, I didn't see a single Italian person near the Colosseum.

Me at the Colosseum


Colosseum 2

Ruins near the Colosseum

I forgot what this place is called, sorry.


Altare della Patria

Altare della Patria

And right in front of it, this is the square and the balcony where Benito Mussolini did his famous speeches. The place is called Palazzo Venezia.

Palazzo Venezia

Bag of goodies

GARR also gave the speakers a nice bag of assorted goodies:

  • Lanyard with badge
  • Programme pamphlet
  • A notepad
  • A copy of their internal magazine
  • One of those vacuum insulated bottles


(Thinkpad not included)

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