Graduation! (again)

Well, I now have a Masters Degree in Computer Science, with top grades. Hooray!

My thesis this time was about a project called OpenLDAT that you'll see on this site shortly: it's basically a fully free version of the Nvidia LDAT that you can build for less than 20€ that I've been working on since December 2020. The project is essentially complete and works quite well but I still have to translate at least part of the documentation from Italian to English so it will be a while before everyone can enjoy it.

I have to say, for the first time in a while, I was impressed by the work of other students: there were some genuinely interesting presentations, like a guy who made a new lighting system for real-time graphics. There were also some pretty bad, botnet ones, but let's not talk about that, most of them were good.

At home, before the graduation

I was hoping to put a video here of my presentation like I did last time, but I couldn't bring my friends due to covid and both my boomer parents can't even operate their own phones so all I got this time was a couple of very bad photos.

Me doing the presentation (Ultra HD, I know)
Ceremony at the end, I'm the bald one with the mask
In front of the University after the graduation (another great example of boomer photography with half the subject cut off and the phone tilted). Anonymized by Samara Morgan

The ceremony was in Milan so I got home pretty late, talked to my friends and went straight to bed. This time there was also no partying due to covid.

A fully assembled OpenLDAT prototype

The thesis

If you want to take a look at my thesis, as well as the presentation, I have uploaded them here:

Unfortunately, they had to be done in Italian, but you can still look at the figures and especially the charts in there and get an idea of what OpenLDAT is all about.

An interesting development

A few days ago I was contacted by one of my old high school teachers, they were looking for someone who could teach computer science this year and I accepted. I have very good memories of that school and I'm very excited about going there again, I hope I can do a good job.
Because of this, I may become less active, at least in the first few months while I learn the new job, but don't worry, OpenLDAT is coming soon :)

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