Helping a friend in need

Sergio in front of two female kittens: Camilla and Mimma. Mimma is reminding him to feed her

November 2020 update

Read the update on Sergio's cats here


Hello everyone,

Today I want to change my usual schedule to tell you about my friend Sergio, who's currently in a very difficult situation and needs all the help he can get, your help.

About a year go, my friend Sergio found some abandoned cats and adopted them, took care of them, fed them, healed them when they were sick, and gave them all the love they deserved. Over the next few months, he converted an unused part of his land into a shelter for stray and abandoned cats in his area where they could be safe and live in contact with the beautiful surrounding nature. Now there are almost two dozens of them and that number is growing but no cats will ever be killed here.

Being a cat lover myself, I've been donating him food and toys regularly, but now due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sergio lost his job and soon he won't be able to feed them anymore.


If you can afford it, Sergio really needs your help, in money or food.

You can donate with Paypal or you can buy him some cat food from his Amazon wishlist.
If you want to donate in some other way, please write me at

All money goes directly towards feeding his cats.

We're also in the process of registering his place as a proper animal shelter, but with the current situation it will take some time.

A female cat, Cappuccina, on Sergio's lap

I know some of you have been very generous to me in the past with your donations to LibreSpeed, OpenPods, etc. so I know you'll do the same to help these poor kittens.

Thank you ❤️

Sergio and I wearing face masks in front of his house

Cat pics!

Mimmo after stealing a piece of roast from Sergio

A female cat, Emma, with her 4 kittens

Sergio with a female cat on his shoulder, Mimma

A female cat, Mimma, on top of an alcove with a statue of the Virgin Mary. Blessed and beloved

Lady Grey and her kittens

Two cats, Mimma and Camilla, hugging each other

A male cat, Tyrone, sitting on Sergio's lap

Another male cat, Frederico, being blessed and beloved

A female cat, Emma, feeding Camilla, Cappuccina and Mimma. Mimma is not hers

An injured male cat, Felonious, sitting on grass

Sergio holding a male cat, Coccolone, who is being extra cuddly and slightly chonky

Sergio holding a female cat, Lady Grey, who is also being very cuddly

Camilla by night

A male kitten, Talos, with beautiful white fur, pink ears, and blue eyes, sitting on my lap

A male cat, Mimmo, posing in front of some trees

Mimma and Camilla on the couch

A male cat, Mimmo, being handsome at dawn

Tyrone! Get down from that tree!

A female cat, Shaniqua, with 3 other female kittens: Mimma, Cappuccina and Camilla

Mimmo is about to attack

Emma's kittens a few months later

A female cat, Cortana

They all want a piece of Cortana's ass

Sergio holding Lady Grey's kittens during the lockdown: Mimma, Arancino, Talos and Amicia

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