These kittens need your help

A few months ago I posted about my friend Sergio, who runs a cat shelter and has lost his job due to the pandemic. It's been 6 months since the last update, and I'm making this article because his situation is more than critical.

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First of all, I want to thank all of you who donated even a small amount of money to Sergio's cat shelter, we really appreciate it, and the cats appreciated it too.
Unfortunately, Sergio's financial situation has gotten worse: he recently found out that his dad had been secretly gambling all their family savings away and is now drowning in debt. He found out when the bank called them saying that they didn't have enough money on their account to pay for their house mortgage and things went downhill from there: he and his mom knew nothing about it, the bank said that his dad took money from their account almost every day until it was in the red, with a debt of several thousands euros. They found a stash of receipts confirming what he was doing, he beat the shit out of his dad, but the damage was done. They managed to scrape together enough money to pay for another month of mortgage, but now he literally has no money whatsoever and risks losing his home and his cat shelter.

If you can spare some cash, please donate to Sergio and his cat shelter through PayPal or contact me for other options.

Cat pics!

Over 30 cats come and go at his cat shelter, but some of them are always there and want to be famous.

This is Timothy, he's 7 months old. Timothy on Sergio's shoulder

This is Hugo, Timothy's brother, also 7 months old, patrolling a jitsi conference. Hugo sitting next to Sergio's PC

This is Mimmo, apex predator and pussy slayer. He's 1.5 yers old. Mimmo in the grass Mimmo in the grass

Here's Sergio holding Mimmo in his arms. Sergio holding Mimmo in his arms

Talos (left) and Mimmo (right) after conquering Sergio's pillow. Talos is 1 year old and got his name because when he was a kitten he looked like the cat from the cover of The Talos Principle. Talos and Mimmo on Sergio's pillow

This is Google, one of the oldest cats here, over 2 years old. He got his name because when he was little, he was always spying on Sergio through his bedroom window. Google with Sergio slav-squatting in the background

Talos again, protecting Sergio from chinese face recognition cameras Talos on Sergio's shoulder, covering Sergio's eyes with his tail

This is Mimma, she's Talos' sister, also 1 year old, with her first kitten Samara. She's the only kitten who survived birth that day. Mimma feeding Samara

These are Talos and his sister Amicia, also 1 year old (above), Hugo (center) and Timothy (bottom). Amicia and Hugo both got their name because they like catching rats, so naturally we thought of A Plague Tale. Talos, Amicia, Hugo and Timothy sleeping on Sergio's bed

Here's Samara escaping while her mom's asleep. She was promptly rescued after this picture was taken. Samara running away from Mimma while she's asleep in a box

This is Camilla, Mimmo's 1 year old sister, being exceptionally adorable while sleeping. Camilla sleeping and showing her paws

This is Emma, the oldest cat here, she's almost 3 years old, and a food critic. She was named after Emma Bonino, an italian politician who became an inside joke with me and Sergio in early 2019. Emma in front of several bowls of food

This is Amicia again, showing her long fluffy tail. Amicia on a balcony with her tail in the air

Yet another shot of Amicia, looking very judgmental. Amicia on a desk looking judgmental

Mimmo looking very happy after raping Mimma and making her pregnant again. Mimmo sitting on a black box looking happy

This is Sergio holding Shaniqua, one of Mimmo's sisters, also 1.5 years old. Sergio holding Shaniqua

Mimmo pretending he's not Samara's father. Mimmo in front of the box with Mimma and Samara

From the top in clockwise order: Timothy, Talos, Tyrone (Shaniqua's brother, same age), Amicia, Camilla, Mimma, Hugo, Emma, Mimmo. 9 cats, 1 box of food

Talos committing some domestic violence against his sister Mimma. Talos kicking Mimma's face with his back leg

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