New domain

Adolf Intel has been my nickname for a few years now, so when I decided to register a domain for a portfolio/blog website, it seemed like a natural choice to use
With time however the site gained more and more visits, especially from WineD3D, my Windows 10 privacy guides, the HTML5 speedtest and the Talos Principle Sigil Puzzle Solver, and is now getting hundreds of views every day.

Two days ago I got a threatening email from Google, saying that my updater app for Chromium was a violation of their trademark because it used a modified version of the official Chromium logo, and the name "Chromium Auto Updater" made it seem official. They forced me to rename the app to "Auto Updater for Chromium", change the logo with a non-official one, and add a disclaimer.
After this incident, I was afraid that the same might happen to my domain with Intel corp.: as much as I like their products, they might not want their trademark to be associated with Adolf Hitler, and if this site were to be forcibly shut down it would be a problem for many users. So I registered a new domain,, after my name, and set up the old one to redirect any link to this new one.
This new name is also more professional, in case I need to give it to someone.

The old domain will remain registered as a simple redirect for at least 1-2 years, until I'm sure that no one is pointing to it anymore.
Please report any broken link.