Klingon Honor Guard on Modern PCs


Star Trek: The Next Generation: Klingon Honor Guard is a 1998 Action FPS game developed by MicroProse using the almighty Unreal Engine 1 (a pretty old version too, predating even the first Unreal game).
It has pretty much all the issues that you would expect from a late 90s PC game:

  • Relies on Redbook Audio CD, which is no longer supported and requires the CD to play
  • Videos are stored on the CD, which is also required to play (CD check)
  • All renderers are either broken or use 16 bit video modes, resulting in unacceptable performance on Windows 8/10. The DirectX renderer is especially hilarious because it makes the game run 300% faster
  • Video playback uses an obsolete codec, which needs to be installed
What an honorless petaQ!
Surprisingly, the installer is not a 16 bit application so it works fine.

How to fix the game

Insert the first disc and run the installer.
Install only the game, do not install HEAT, do not watch the intro movie, and do not run the game.

Download and install the Official 1.1 Patch: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2.

Insert the second disc and copy all files inside the Avi folder into the game's System folder.

Download the music files and extract them to the game's folder: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2.
More info about the KHG UMX Project. This guy basically ripped all the tracks from the CD, converted them into the Unreal Engine's UMX music format and then modified all the maps to use the UMX files instead of the CD tracks.

Download these patched files and extract them to the game's System folder.
These files include a no-cd crack, a Glide emulator (dgVoodoo2), and modified config files.
A DirectX 11 GPU is required.

Finally, download end extract the Indeo Video Codec and run INSTALL.bat as administrator.
This may take a few seconds.

Now you should be able to play the game from the shortcut on your desktop.

Still doesn't work?

Don't worry, contact me and I'll send you a prepatched version ready to use.

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