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Simple Smooth Scrolling

Not all browsers implement smooth scrolling. In this article, we'll see how to implement this effect with a few lines of javascript using DOM Events and RequestAnimationFrame.

For obvious reasons, the effect is not visible on touch devices.

You are free to copy, modify and use this code as you wish.


Here's what we need to do:

  • Capture mouse wheel events
  • Detect the amount to scroll in pixels
  • Prevent event bubbling/propagation
  • Scroll smoothly by gradually decreasing the speed
As usual, nothing is easy, because there are 2 incompatible ways to capture and manage those events: the DOMMouseScroll event works on Firefox 2+ and returns the scroll amount in ticks, the mousewheel event works on all other browsers except IE8- and returns the scroll amount in pixels.
There is also a third way (attachEvent mousewheel), which is for old versions of IE (IE8-) and is deprecated. I did not implement this listener.
But let's get to the code:
Please note that this is a very simple solution: if you need something more flexible, there are much more sophisticated plugins for jQuery that do this. However, they're not 800 bytes.

How to use it

To enable smooth scrolling on the entire page, simply use

Note that this does not spread to child elements.

To enable smooth scrolling on an element, use


You can also specify a callback function that will be executed at each frame, right after scrolling. This allows things like a parallax effect to be perfectly synchronized with the scroll.


Once smoothScroll is initialized on an element, the scrollTo function allows you to scroll to a specific position, such as a specific child.

e.scrollTo(e.childNodes[3].offsetTop); //scrolls to the third element inside e.


Element without smooth scrolling
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Element with smooth scrolling

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