Clock 31 is a Clock + Calendar combo widget for Android, inspired by (but not forked from) the cLock widget found in old versions of LineageOS.

The widget shows the current time and date, the next alarm (if any), and upcoming events for all your calendars (the colors on the left indicates the calendar to which they belong). Some useful shortcuts are also provided: tapping the clock will bring you to the clock and alarm app, tapping the calendar icon will open the calendar, tapping an event will bring you to the details of that event.

The following features are currently implemented:

  • Time and date display
  • Next alarm display (if an alarm is active)
  • List of upcoming (2 weeks) calendar events, each showing the name, the details, and the color associated with that calendar for easy identification
  • Works with all standard Android calendars (Google Calendar, Etar, davx5, ...)
  • Tapping the clock opens the clock/alarm app
  • Tapping an event brings you to the details of that event in your calendar app
  • Tapping the calendar icon opens your calendar app
  • Resizable widget
  • Works with all languages
The following features are currently NOT implemented:
  • Settings
  • Weather display



Android 5.0 (SDK 21) or newer


Source code


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